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About Magnetic Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

Alpha Magnet specializes in producing magnetic assemblies and sub-assemblies per your requirement. From the selection of magnetic material to design services, we are happy to assist you throughout the whole process.

Learn more about how we helped Canon update their magnetic assembly, becoming more efficient and reducing overall cost.


Case Study - Canon Magnetic Assemblies

Cameras use two different types of image stabilization - digital and optical. Optical image stabilization is more sensitive than digital. By combining two assemblies into one, we were able to improve this key component of their product.

canon case study


Canon's original requirement was a shaft centerline with a magnetic orientation of 15 degrees. Orgininally, Canon would first complete the mold for the axle and card. After providing the magnets, they put the pieces together in their factory. This was very inefficient - during the connection process the glue would easily move on the product. The result: the quality control failure rate was very high.


We were able to offer Canon a solution through a precision injection process. First, we placed a magnet in the injection mold with a guaranteed angle of 15 degrees (+/-0.5). Second, shallow grooves were added to increase adhesion of the glue and keep it from moving over time.


Canon was able to improve quality control pass rates as well as production efficiency. Having solved this problem concerning a key component to the camera Canon was able to move forward.

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