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Custom Magnet Solutions

Alpha Magnet is a full magnet solutions provider specializing in high-end custom sintered neodymium and ferrite magnets, as well as value added services. Our unique line of magnetic materials offer superior quality and performance. Whether you require custom shipping, packaging, or design, we seek to serve you throughout the entire process. Specializing in servicing the automotive, industrial, and consumer product industries in the United States, we can help you find long-term solutions for your magnetic needs.

Forward Thinking & Innovation

We love to think ahead. And that is why we offer advanced technologies such as sintered neodymium radial-oriented ring magnets and magnets created using our own new proprietary precision forming process. Simplify your motor by using one radial-oriented ring magnet instead of multiple magnets. Or, enjoy the cost savings of sintered neodymium arc magnets made through our unique precision forming process.

Local Warehouse

When you provide Alpha Magnet with an annual contract order, we maintain an adequate supply of your material to enable just in time delivery, in addition to quickly responding to any sudden fluctuations in your material demand. Our global logistics system ensures a smooth, consistent flow of on-time deliveries and mitigates disruptions in your supply chain.

International Locations

Alpha Magnet has China-based offices with engineering staff working directly within the production teams to ensure your materials are produced exactly to your specifications.

Quality Promise

Alpha Magnet partners exclusively with a limited number of production facilities which utilize the latest manufacturing technologies and licensed processes. These factories utilize automated coating processes to achieve consistent, high quality coating. Testing for dimensional tolerance, coating integrity, environmental, metallurgical, and magnetic properties are performed prior to shipment.

Prototypes & Testing

Our engineering team has extensive experience in both magnet and motor design. We can design, fabricate, and assemble new magnet and magnetic assemblies for your application. For any volume requirement, from prototype to mass production, Alpha Magnet offers cost-effective solutions. In addition, we have 3D design options utilizing PTC Creo and Solidworks available for you.

Shipping & Logistics

We understand that value-added services can help increase your bottom line by avoiding delays and inconsistencies. Based on your needs, we provide flexible shipping and logistic solutions. We also can accommodate expedited manufacturing and shipping.

Alpha Magnet Team

Our qualified staff strives to meet all of your magnetic material needs. Our emphasis on quality processes ensures that you receive product precisely as requested. Our experienced staff works to provide on-time, quality products per your specification. Our engineers have decades of experience working with different businesses - from small operations to multinational corporations, we are here to make your magnet material sourcing a smooth and simple process.


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    Alpha Magnet
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